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Hot Old School- a short film on the degeneration of the individual in consumption society

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What is Hot Old School About?

The story takes place in a possible future. We see the main character Hasan Ali (36) in a crowded party. This online game is the global trend to which one can connect through a portable simulation gadget called Simulacra. Hasan Ali who has participated in this party in order to get rid of his emotional deprivations overdoes it and had to leave the simulation throwing up. We start to witness the disidentificated and wasted life of Hasan who has just get back from the simulation to reality in his house that is full of portable gadgets.
After Hasan Ali recovers he notices that he does not want to go back to simulation anymore. But facing the loneliness hurts. He sees the commercials of products called ‘pet humans’ who have passive social character. Hasan Ali, with the intention of reducing his loneliness, buys one of them. Next day pet human comes to his house. The viewer will witness the degeneration of consumption society individuals from a dramatic perspective through the relationship between Hasan Ali and pet human.

Why Hot Old School?

There was a poster on the door of the pharmacy: ‘It is possible to lose weight through eating pastry!’ The evil demand that is written on the innocent poster is engraved on my mind. Is it possible for me to use this in my relationships? Can there be this kind of a bargain between me and the God? While thinking I notice that hundreds of similar examples are engraved on my mind and moreover there should be hundreds of other that I do not even aware of. The person who demands to lose weight through eating pastry is demanding to be the person who can affirm the consequence by keeping doing the thing that leads to a negative consequence. This perception that is totally incompatible with human nature is the essence of global unhappiness. This liberal part of capitalism that should only be within the limits of products transforms itself into an artificial perception that shapes our lives, relationships, hopes and souls from all over again.
This industrial virus is the ground for all human rights violations, nature pillage, wars and global unhappiness. I think it is important to focus on this virus, the hung up thinking style of consumption society individual. That is why I would like to mirror the society through Hasan Ali’s dilemma.

What kind of film will Hot Old School be?

The story is designed with a metaphorical structure that refers to daily life in order to make the viewer experience mental processes. Hasan Ali is depicted as a consumption addict who internalizes the goal oriented life style. In the story the popular consumption culture is depicted through the Simulacra which is a global simulation world. Capitalism is depicted through the pet humans whose social abilities are limited that serves as a social support to the people who are blocked for the continuity of consumption. But this vital support that is reduced to a product and easily accessible cannot save Hasan Ali whose mental structure is deformed and crushed by the industry.
The futuristic sci-fi atmosphere of the film refers to the future of the consumption society that we are living in now. The reason for this is to make the structure that people are exposed to clearly visible and remark to the dilemma of the humanity.

We will spend all your support

to the technical equipment and art direction we will need during the production stage. So;
With your support we will make this film alive and share one piece of our world with the rest of the world.

Who are we?

We are the young filmmakers from Turkey who gather under the same roof of Ehemm Production and enthusiastic, open-minded and ready to follow their aims for a long time.
Ehemm is a production company specialized on short and feature films, documentary, commercial and music video from a cinematic point of view. The company is found by Can Eren and Beste Yamalıoğlu in Turkey in 2013. Both founders of the company are young filmmakers from Turkey who have some short film experience before. The idea to form a company instead of working in an existent one comes from the fact that in Turkey production companies either make films that only addresses box office or made minimalist-realist art house films that have mostly political base and only addresses to festivals. This is the most suffering thing for the young filmmakers who wants to try something unique, creative and reformist. We as the founders of this company believe that a film does not have to be realist in order to address large masses. Our aim is to make films that are creative and unique both in narrative and narrational sense without losing our cultural and historical heritage. We use cinema to tell people what we see as important in a way that is unique to us. 

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